How Should I Determine What Type of Fence to Buy

May. 10, 2022

The ideal type of fence can actually enhance the look of your house and include a healthy dose of curb appeal. However, which type of fence is right for you? Here are three things to consider when deciding what fence design you should get.


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1. Functionality

Lightweight Aluminum Fence Pet Protection There are several variables to consider when choosing what kind of fence will certainly be good for you and your residence. First, what is the primary purpose of the fence? If it's to keep your pet dog on the lawn, you'll need to consider the size of the canine. For smaller dogs, a fence with direct spacing may be better, while a taller fence may be a wiser choice for larger dogs or dogs that are recognized to jump.

If you're looking for a fence for pool safety, there are a number of fence wire screens that meet pool codes that you need to consider. Maybe you want to find some privacy from your next door neighbor. In that case, check out the privacy fence options.

Whatever your reason for wanting a fence, there are many fence designs available to meet your requirements.


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2. Style

Early American Homes with Wooden Fences Another major aspect to consider is your home itself. A white picket fence would look great with a cottage or Cape Cod style home, but can you imagine a white picket fence with a gorgeous Victorian home? It might look a little silly - a Victorian house might be replaced by a more majestic looking lightweight aluminum fence.

A ranch design house could look great with a traditional split rail fence, while a modern house could look great with a horizontal fence or a basketball fence. If you are installing your fence, fence supplier ZERUN can help you decide what style will definitely fit your house and your needs.


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3. Neighbors

Neighborhood You must also check to see what type of fence others in your neighborhood have already set up. If the fence is a design that everyone seems to have, perhaps choosing your own fence is your best option. Or if you like to stand out from the group, go with something completely different! Whichever instructions you choose, it's good to at least consider the style of existing fences in your area and directly bordering your building.

If you live in an area with a homeowner's organization, there may be restrictions on the type of fence you can have. Of course, it's best to look at it first to make sure you know what your options are.


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