Tips For Maintaining Wooden Fences

Dec. 05, 2020

You have found the perfect wooden fence for your house; now, it’s time to learn how to keep it in top condition. Maintaining wooden fences is different from vinyl fences or Chain Link Fence -but it is not difficult. Just follow these tips provided by the fence maker and you will enjoy the fun of wooden fences in the coming years.


The first step in maintaining a wooden fence is to avoid problems in the first place.

Never water wooden fences, Wooden Fence doors or wooden deck railings, as this may discolor the wood and increase the possibility of rot. Make sure to always aim the sprinkler head at the fence, trim the bushes regularly and keep the vines away from the fence. The leaves on the fence attract insects and moisture, and the extra weight increases the pressure on the fence.

Wooden Fence

Wooden Fence


Annual cleaning will make your fence look fresh and mold-free.

Soak the wooden fence board with soap and water or a specially formulated fence cleaner, pressure wash the fence or scrub it well with a long-handled brush, and clean the area around the fence in contact with the ground.


In addition to your Security Fencing Wire Mesh bath every year, perform the following steps at least once a year:

Check for loose nails. Re-insert them or replace them with a hammer. If possible, replace the rotten or cracked picks and check for pests. This may also indicate that your home is infested. Please make sure that the pillars are still firmly fixed on the ground. They may be safe during your installation of fences, but the pillars will move over time.

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