The Choice of Barbed Wire Fence

Feb. 04, 2021


Barbed Wire is used for fence protection in various places, and we should choose from which aspects when choosing green belt square hole fence. Let's take a look:


Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire


First, we need to see whether the Barbed Wire Fence is made of pvc. Usually the mesh is woven from galvanized iron wires of different specifications. The diameter and strength of the iron wire directly affect the quality of the fence. Finished iron wire drawn from high-quality wire rods produced by regular manufacturers; followed by the weaving process of the net, followed by the surface treatment of the net, which is usually galvanized inside and treated with PVC, which is more effective for use in bad weather.


Second: In addition to the net, there is the choice of the frame. Some regular large factories use seamless steel pipes with a thickness of more than 2mm. The surface treatment must be Galvanized or galvanized pvc!


Third, in addition to the two necessary large pieces of the barbed wire fence, there must be thought of the completeness of small accessories and the small accessories must also be unified and the surface treatment of the net, frame and pillar!


The above three points are the basic conditions for choosing a high-quality green belt square hole fence. I hope it will be helpful to you. In addition, the company also provides garden fences. If necessary, you can contact us at any time


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